Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dreaming Haadjmo's Dance Time; AManuel, (Reg TM)

At least it was not
Donated and Dharma
Self worth Karma
But of Prana
Who will shoe
What you knew
And be willing to . . .

weclome to this blog in which I maintain the right to be my own person
in ownership and individuality landed
had that the sand did but what not might have been

here I might regularly contribute the the greater wealth of Human psychology
from my poetry
copyright to me:
ANungarrayididit.Copas Copyright Protected

I can be asked for permission to access these facilities of a copyright and a trademark within specific conditions which are willing in support of my own cause in Allah; and hold the trade mark in Jesus name to the tune of only Elohim Allah for Eternity Humanity is the survivor.

Our worldly Indigenous worth had won victory by knowing that every win is God's only.

try reading about these stories in another weblog at: www.whowassarahrezip.blogspot.com ,
but there is an actual edit now at my wordpress web log where I am named ANungarrayididitdotCopas and also Curaezipirid
or through Load Islam, are posts I have made about my Indigenous culture, to the tune of this username, or the less pronouncible anagram at: also wordpress, and http://www.brisbanemuslims.com, http://islam.forumwise.com ,
and then I am also known at Why Islam and My Islam Web,
or with the same username in a thumbprint at www.usmob.com.au
and then let me be silently a mother again
among those Muslim Jinn who are awakening today

Waram from Babylon The Great, that is if you can believe in every thing I say,
here in Australia a Muslim, and a Christian, an Aborigine,
where Shari'ah is now all in the Arc of the Covenant to stay.

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