Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Poem

THE RAVE BURN From the Rave scene learn That there be inevitable scorn From the powers that be Proving no escape is free But that the same powers let A Burn scene follow up you bet They'd set it up to be That the burn the rave's fee Or so cocaine taught thee Of ignorance having its need

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Best To Fall

From here we are
To near and far
There are
Those who owe
And of whose debts to pay
That we may
One day
As of all owing
Be that north winds are blowing
Then to the east further
Over the seas and rather
Next skipping on over
Whole continents best
To the middle of the story get
Until east again
Then to Europe
Only to find the truth shines
Down south in the dark continent next
Where from the lesson long
Homeward bound now and belong
Easterly all bar in India’s pause
Is the solution quite plainly
Nobody’s patent
Yet of earth’s five elements
Each just as we need it
To pay for that we refused of
Naught but our own self to disabuse with
This tale I’ll never tell
Of whereabouts your next fall is
And take note of this countenance
For within the sort of the best
Will those who have abused of
The methods for God’s love
Find themselves next trip’s intolerances
Through receiving only of criminal fill
And when blaming this if daring to still
That might just find itself
Far too disabled
To sustain human will
That perhaps you’ll all better fare well
Through the exo-skeletal
Those of you who so tell
So remember this well
Not before five all
And well alive fall
Even if somewhat poor

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought
My mother and father have fought
To be fallen unto naught
But their own game
This the same

Who would have thought
My parents so devious
As to fail to realise
When a child was being honest
Is that I own their shame

Who would have thought
That the reason I own of
The old bones that
Rattled parental thrones is
Because of nobody's fall my own

Who would have thought
Of my failure to fall
Despite one and every and all
Projecting upon me
Desperation to hate thee

Who would have thought
Was my father's own game
To falsify his own fall the same
But then become tricked because
My own false line the better cause

Who would have thought
That to falsify lust one
Had no need to fabricate
Any badly matched fuck since
There were those who wanted to it too bad to know of

Who would have thought
My father was costing
His own falsifications
Of socieities required statuses
Wrongly upon me his daughter longer

Who would have thought
That to falsify lust once
Never had I need to fabricate
For those who tried to bribe my father
Obliged me that grace

Who would have thought
That my mother's blaming
Her daughter so sold to her husband
Were never able to cause of
What she was holding her own costs against

Who would have thought
My own will to never
Let badly matched fucks win
The game of my father's
Would have left me so stranded

Who would have thought
They did their level best to
Impose upon me the reality they sought
But have failed to and rather
Falsified for me my way into the game of my father

Who would have thought
Might have been Dad
But that
His wife imagined to have had him at
Since she fell into the mirk of false reputations staked upon this grace bidden rest

Who would have thought
Mrs. Catherine E. Marker nee Caling
Might have failed the test
Of what upon her at Dad's behest
Was the forgiveness forever request

Who would have thought
That every body in one family
Would manifest such great idiocy
As to fail to see
What protects my children is yet today me

Who would have thought
That those whom have risked all we earn
Are stationed in government positions
And hoping beyond hope
To pove their own joke is their yoke

Who would have thought
That unless there is provided real evidence to court
The solutions being founded will prove ungrounded
And a father's dreams of his wife nevermore blamed
Might prove to be that the whole story is fallen into causing men to fail

Who would have thought
That they all care less for the safety of children
Than to have one fuck more blaming somebody's mother
And when we've all finished proving it ain't my own mum
There was nobody left to safe me for my own children

Who would have thought
The victory done longer by
The children now running too dry
Who realised before now the score be
Best kept close and silent with me

Who would have thought
That the easiest game to play
Be feigning incompetence
While sustaining good conscience
Who would have thought

Who would have thought
That the simple request of a son
To go easy on his mother at that time of the month
Could have been misconstrued into
A fabrication of his mother being the worst kind of monster

Who would have thought
That such innocence being blamed was
No problem for the parents of that same
Uninvolved as they have been
But for the lies between

Who would have thought

Two More Poems of upon what no money be growing but

Had To

I had to
Take of my
Buy two
Shoes three
Style four
My five
Are you
That who
Exchanged the hat
Of nobody’s fame
For having to blame
Is that your game is too lame
To be bothered with trying to tame
But I had to
Realise it near all the same
That its defeat not meek
But by you unrecognised
Because it is not through my blaming
You that your own style
Of way is to
Inform my own dreamtime
Of all you have been unto

Matched Unto

The hot water surround
Of the deepest my ground
Are where Satan’s footprint’s abound
Yet in my own Dreams
Always let down
By Jesus preparing the road around
So when you discover
I was matched to another
Who was wrongly blamed for
Wanting me barefoot and all
Simply only because
I own a monopoly
On trading and exchanging
The real labour value
Embedded in capital
That the social labour value
Though me is
Its own independent economy
Without need to fight for the wages
That be at all times paid by failures
To for all men provide
So why might I
Accept of the money
Being paid only to me
Through being enabled by
Pursuing fears in another of poverty
When the Bible tells us not to and
While I fear not having no money
Thus thanks to all who have helped me
Into this pensionable category
But if it was for you want to define me
As lacking real capability
To mother my children more perfectly
Than any other mother will ever be able to be
The learn I have found
That evidence abounds
Against those whose corruption bound
Me into this game in the first place
Whereupon when at 33 when I entered the race
It has been to discover that the real face
Of child protection
Was never what any money upon
But that for money’s use in real providence
To the sanctity of childhood belongs
Every cent of
But possible only by the understanding of why it is
That if you blame any failure towards children
In any family at all
By what upon you spend your money
And how you account for its sum being
A way that the rich bribe the poor
Into covering over how child abuse has no door
For if you are blaming
The failure in any family
When you spend of your money
Why then be your money
That which is persecuting
The child
By accusing the future
In which you hoped to profit from
As having the continuation
Of reason to blame of
Anybody not perfectly behaved towards
The children whose game thus this is
While real protection be found
In money that abounds
By refusing to get rich upon
What needs no increases of
So in the money I salvage
From economies so blinded
As to be blaming the child through
Accusing parents of failing to
Might you
Prefer to learn
Of my own dollar value
Having every saved worth in
What aspects of economic stability
Continue once after
The forests replanted
Electricity and fossil fuels use
Drastically diminished
Until eventually
Not needed at all
So if you’ve been blamed for
Wanting my game and its score
Know only
You need believe me
To not in social value become poor
For the real money score
Has permanently labour’s worth underscored
So to the work that is worth
This game of nobody’s fame
But the story in heaven made all the same
Don’t be shy again
Of denying wrong blame
But remember forever
I mothered whose game
And will say who is inside its way
No matter how many children they have taken away
And how many men refused to play
With motherhood’s day
In which never one cent held
Against my own children may
But try and I’ll take you to hell for a whirl
With the beasts I met there a terrible girl
Yet whose work has been worth
In time more than this verse
And that it matched unto
My own shoes
Who but will do unto

Tricked Reputation

Tricked Reputation

There might be some way
To let the real story fey
Of mr grimes real reputation
He and many conspired to have
Hidden from the court that
Brand naught but who needs of
Is that no shelter can stay
Within his nether reputation
And that this story’s repercussion
Is his own situational problem
While the reality of reputations
In this has tricked a whole nation

Tricked by the hypnosis
Of Rowing on Roe “E’s”
Has been the notion
Of what to do with these
Poems in motion
Don’t you forget
To wreck
The breeze yet
For that which mr grimes blessed
Be not what you bet
Thus through Rohan a tease
Of the story please

Therefore best be blessed
With the slow pokes best on
That she won’t ever forget
Is a nest best
Of the next best
But whatever mr grimes prevents of
Be that not needed of yet upon
Is how his definition
Became at the
Queen’s behest
Of offloading mistakes upon
Australian children
Thus proven
But three son’s my own
Best efforts known
This poem naught before
Those sick heads did cause
That they Queen took of
The Irish Satanists cause
Instead of the true story
For reconciling
With Britain less poorly
In debts owing for me
Whoever my truth be

Is that through this story
The twelfth whoever he is be
Able not poorly
And set up far to surely
By the mr grimes unruly
Reputation mask falling
Upon those “e’s”
Of rowing’s please
Collect the best yet
Among stories on breeze
So long as the behest of
Is the Queen’s
While that being dumped upon
The downtime from
Be what of his fees
For selling this on
Against my reality be

Thus know you not
The story belongs
Not poorly but
Through what show because
Has one only the pull upon
And not me but from

He who will and who has
Married the right girl his own that
This poem might not need be known
For only is it his to own
The worth in its words
Thus scuttled from that your mind heard
Since reality
Is bound by being indebted to he
Whose worth is the work
Of having overcome the difficult sum
Of what mr grimes attempted
Prevent of
But thus failed bar his own gun
Who holds this true best unto me
Has upon the real force of the law within be

Friday, April 25, 2008

Counting Time Spent Alone

Another day alone
Another night with nobody to phone
Another year with everybody else's fears to own
Another week for my safety at home
To work for by writing these words out precisely
In meaning quite likely
Not what be seeming
But reality is streaming
To make these words strings exactly
Upon what of me was being denied that
To tell my own truth is all I own yet
But to tell it in full story
No detail left out
Is that I measure by life's precise amount
Of joy in breath and living at best
For the worth of the Earth is that we are yet
In love with the function God grants us to live in
Of breathing for Earth's need to cleanse up the atmosphere
That taking down the worlds worthless dreams and
Replacing with better is what living can mean that
To live is the excitment of every game and
In every song a new find to tame that
We all will this life and
Whatever lives next that
One day in love will we meet up with our best
So mashallah the rest
Of these loniest of days
Is worth life's endurance
For Jesus my praise
That my self in this race
Of human kindness today
Because Aboriginal I am and
Australian because
My heart's will ever of
This country my home
Be my true real bone
Eternally known of
That survival has meaning
Within all the fears
And the worst of these years
Weeks and days and the tears that
Neither need we deny
Or assert the real finding
Of what is the nature of
Our way to be binding
Will no loneliness defeat
The willing retreat
Into reconciling our feet
For the way soon complete
In the endless love of
Living life to its fullest
Will no want be uncounted
No hate be unrouted
No life be needless
Yet never without willingness
To love who creates us
For this will to provide of
What life will my mind low
That even worms sew
To receive of our desires known
Must we give away that exact bone
Thus tonight yet alone

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Windy Corner's

I once mentioned
To a person bent on
Undermining Australians
That our culture depends on
The unravelling certain
Of pride's stations
That reassembling might
Children's clues provide
(that is to say
in my own way
to provide of clues for
children themselves to own of
so beware not to read me wrong)

As to who from we need hide

And so he tried
Bump up our pride
Since his purpose
Was to set up our nation
To take on false blames of
Over exposure of children
But he also did try
Convince us all that why
We need his type
Of pride
Just might
Be a left winger's right
When in fact his own plight
Was neo-nazisms blight
Held down
By Yakuza fashioned
Mental imprisonment rounds

And guess what
He failed to have got
Might my pride not
conceal of too long
That by Juda my song
Did he thus steal of
Not realising of course
That being accountible in pride
Is to become our lies
Thus social pressures conspired
That his fellow criminals decided
(While yakuza rebels his decisions abided)
To vote Labor this time

That perhaps he best not
Continue to rot
In his own pride
Never agreed with inside
Of his own mind
While the rest of us find
What he stole from us
Which could not be of
Sanity we have got
Without the victory applied