Sunday, January 20, 2008

Perhaps that only perhaps, but never delusionally


When my community
Of religious believers
Provided for me
It had been those of the Earth
Preventing me
Yet that their providence replacement
But police prevented that so see
I worked to prove my case lawfully
For my own place be true in Eternity
Yet then and oh when
Was it my own past behaviour
In nine and a half years of no favour
Which intervened preventatively
In the form of that former acquaintance
From whom none had been protecting me
That in Allah believe
The full account now in me
Must by definition include
The whole of my history
Yet never otherwise has it been
But that those of my past
Lay claims upon owning me
And without attending as need be
Since it was asserted
I might be expected to believe
This here analysis
Is only delusion I perceive
Thus now that it be
Family Law Courts
Using all three forms
Of the ripping off of me
As though to defame my real credibility
Perhaps best that fact never said
Of true identity

Jealously Guarded

This is my truth
You might have to get
It is not my own way
That to be jealous
And yet
If a man he
Has been with who
He was letting imagine be me
Believe in my wrath true
For if ever I cheated on he
Twas never my bill
To have so charged of who we be

Sunday, January 13, 2008

My House

Give to me my house
For it won't be all my shout
Unless your mind truly doubts
What is this all about
Less that the key to the house

Wednesday, January 9, 2008




You won’t like me much
Unless but
Your will is to tolerate thus
That I have less of
What you might like for
Reputation management
Than what I saw of your need to have it
I’ve holes in my teeth
My feet were bare
Knots in my hair
A red eyed computer stare
And armpit fungus to boot
Nothing worth your attentive providence
Which seemed to want of
I don’t know what
Above being valued higher
Than your drunken behaviour
In which you awarded me small favour
But that I don’t think so
Of any chance likely
We might fit together socially
Thus best not consider what
It might be like to have with you got
And before those who steal of
My real self worth in
Well considered reputation
Could take their time to trash me
Within you own mind
I did it for them
Sustaining thus some control of
So as it is I have been who mentioned
The pants I was wearing
The fact of the monsters
Back at my house all yawning
And what it is I don’t like about
This learning each other’s situation
But that I wanted of
And wondered upon love for
And could not have
Having thought you would find me
In some darker shaded life style
That is who I expected
Was a darker kind of guy
But since we met
It’s like we did
Together what’s not worth
A mention
And why is mine
But how I don’t get
When what was of
My dodging you propositioning
With some sick commentary
About nobody’s real predisposition
But that I found mine
Became catalysed to find
Itself needing
No, you’re right
There’s no such thing as
Love at first sight
But at the first touch was
One glory filled feeling scored
That you might just be
Even good enough for me
Anticipating some resolution
Of the world’s best solutions
Despite my mother’s
For presupposing my definition
Be against she needfully
That under a mountain I be
So if you can believe
Life’s reality
Is detected by
Never getting it easy
And consider how life might be
If with me your difficulties
You might please just find me
Your own to handle is
But that this here be
Authored by me
And there’s something else about me
But it seems I’ve had a dream
You might forgive me
My half arsed hair
Halved not spare
Neither in the arse
But for how it got there
With plenty of hair
And a bit of blonde-ing cream
To prove it’s not my own want to have been
So believe me
There is reason manifesting
For us to be now communicating
Outside of the context
Of the obscene
Is that we were seen
And mistaken
In why I might have been
Escorting you to where your need
As described to me
And thus my reputation
Now needs yet further clarification
In which perhaps you owe me
Since it’s been
My own good turn
To have sent you
Back into that you spoke of to be
And then there is that other need
For the services of
An Artist in deed
But not to forget
There is also the best
Of what went on between
Us to yet
Decipher clean
Since my own social situation
Is rather badly affected yet
But now here I recall
Those other reasons seemed to fall
Into this fourth time
Now I’ve tried to divine
Might it be
That you need me
To include you among
Those owed a letter because
It’s not really me who has been
In regard this situation
Having promulgated
The obscene
But it has been
The Queen of Sheba
The suicidal Korean
And nothing you ought to have already been
When Cain has been
Today forgiven
And Eve’s account of the snake made clean
While Adam
It seems he might be
Quite alright as well
Astride the ride of what life did
Leaving eventually only
The beast of the Earth
Between you and me
Will love be
And never obscenely
So lonely
But when
And why did it have to be that I write the “l” word not lightly so publicly
So best believe
If it’s not only the dream
I’ll have you for letting it happen to me
That a prostitute might I seem
Unless one day some nice man finds himself astray
And winds up married to me
But first might he
Need to know I have dreamed
Beyond one touch
Don't know me
Unless all of it and showing
For somebody somewhere took that shot
Of how he failed to know what he already had got