Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Of non-concern to believe


World of belief in God
Is just so not
What those whom fail it
Suppose us believers believe
God to be

Judge faith not
For belief is by definition
True to reason
In experiential conditions
So defy not
What your own life’s transitions
Have so far failed to provide of

And if you can not yet believe
In God
And every he bequeath
Then just believe in life
Being sustained by
A mysterious unity of energy
For what else is He
If not singularity
Too large for us to imagine
Too minute in action
For our detection
Too loving of our being
To let us end with existing
If only we forget momentarily
In Him need

For it is of us
Those parts
We have to have for love
In God above
Which fail to believe
In constance existing
Which are causal to existence ceasing
And yet within
The key is
That every
Perfect unity
Of Faith in Love
Of God above
Of reason
Of science and belief
Of hope to make the Earth our home a better place
Is the aspect of us
The Soul in living unity with
What will not cease
Without God recreating us
Once again
Every moment
So well we are beloved
In the face of the worst that has become of us

Never imagining
Is in the beginning
Belief in who
Can not show you
How far in suffering is known to
Be the way through
For the way of reality
Will be this day for me
And each and every day
For every Human who
Refuses imagination fey
But to know I mean the real way
Know my mind is fuller than they say
But of all that is in it
Never could I believe in
That which has no real evidence
Of truth in feeling
So of your mind
In its own creative bind
Believe only
Those Dream parts
Your own evidence
Can prove of
For if you count upon
What imagination relays to the throng
Ever will find you were wrong

The World Telling Me Its End

What will the world
When being Muslim became
Subjugated and defamed
In seeking truth
By Arab’s imagination
That the culture ofArabia
Is the only Islamic way
That my efforts to attain
An identity in belief to sustain
Of my own people’s place
In Islam no disgrace
Are being prevented
By Arabs insisting I need
The language ofArabia
To portray myself as a believer
While the policing of this place
Governed today by invaders
Imposed upon me
That it could be seditious
And imprison-able
To so learn to be
Able to speak in Arabic
Yet being an Aborigine of Australia
I know my own language word
Stands as well in Allah
My indigenous comprehension
Of Religion
Surpassing through ancient memory
My other schooled in keys
Which save me daily
From the police
Projecting upon me
That if it is not the sedition of
Speaking the Arabic tongue
Then indeed must it be
To claim to be Muslim
This wing to sing from
Long sung but
We are who knew not of
Until it had begun
Among those of us
Not yet converted
Before our land was invaded
Is arisen
In decisions
Of what is the law we must deal with
What marks us ever to be Muslim
Regardless of any police diversions


Was he too attractive
To be talking to me
What was He believing about me
And why had he approached me
For while I tried and tried
To make him take me
As I am
Just a bit too daggy
For what he likes of his own manhood
So therefore
Thought I
Right from the start
Of our conversation
I am just not his type
As attractive as he might be
So if he will see
That I had not tried
To get him to like me
Then perhaps he might
Realise he knows not yet
What there is to like
About me
Because I was
Sitting outside in the city
Alone at night
And did not
To be approached by any man
No matter how attractive
Nor matter that his mind
Beautifully intelligent
He describes and self defines
His Spirit alike
To mine
Giving no indication of why
But to my mind
Might he find
That of course I am above all too daggy
When approached on the city street at night
By a complete stranger
With a too far too sexy mind
That seems now to have adhered to mine
In love like
Just that he said to find
And so had I
Until without his phone number
All I could think to was cry
And poetry aplenty write
When other work calls
Is that I once before was alright
Being the person who met him
But now am too daggy for even my self to like
So his attractive personality might
Just return his mind into
Bizarre un-kissed night
For to gently remind
An advertisement I did write
And semblance like
A public announcement
Of the well to do men's
Brothel opening night
Is that my anger is formidable
Because there at
Our parting had
I shown him what
The nights walk
Might have painted me as
And in permanence if
He is not who
Answers the ad just right
Is that was I a dag
Lacking only social regard that
Or just too fat
Because to my mind
His intensely attractive
Approach to me
Was only
Too likeable to trust
To specially pretty for love
Or was I only too ignorant of
But in his real esteem
Why the bastard made me want to scream
Of formidable endurance in ice cream
Who could but Dream
That an accident
Of our coincidence
Would have caused that between
We have found ourselves relating
Within Kiri Elaison
Bringing new meaning
To a marriage of convenience
This is the Dance

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