Saturday, November 17, 2007


Will it be when
But not uncle bill
For when he did still
That the blame upon women
For not letting men love us
Could not be found until
We learn it was upon
That failing to reconcile Australia
Is being blamed to the P&C associations
Right across this nation
By the sort of bad majic we ban
In the culture of Australians
Which makes falsifications
And prevents who was being blamed
From knowing what of that we were being thus lamed
Is now the time to tame
And that of what was the fame
In which all Australians defamed
A story of being wedged between
The bad milk
And the
Food story
Of how an acidic diet can make you do
What you had no reason to
Was how we were caught between
And that we knew the real scene
And our culture is stronger
In real Kinship longer
Is that we survive that sort of blame clean
So believe
This might be
The story upon which was
Never any money because
Every cent which blamed
Anybody harming a child's safety
Can be by accident that which caused
How any child ever could have been less than safe
So in today's world
There is no need for
The word "paedophile"
This because

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