Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Twelve sets of three gifts

Six books
Take a look
Three of each kind
Which sort is for your mind

Three egg cups
Yet can you but
Eat three at a time
Or have you two brothers
Who might
Like to share these duck’s treasure
For dinner tonight

Three DVDs
Were bought by me
And a fourth
Was the first
A more perfect gift given me

Three reined in
Dear friends
In Deers of the rein
Down the chimney been trained

Three sorts of stuff
For a Harry Potter fan club
Which could you like
And which might
Take a hike

Christmas crackers
But are they really bangers
Or the same inside
Their old name is a Bon Bon alright

Three balls for juggling
Not exactly round things
Yet for throwing and catching
Can you share of these three things?

Six soaps
Three of each
Of two sorts
Is a boat
Of course
To experiment because
One of you might have received
A third olive oil sort
By Christmas Eve

Three key rings
Are a Biblical thing
For comparing
To the stories in Qur’an
We might already long sing

Three cases
Of pencils and rulers
But no staples
Are the colours arranged
In a be different from one another
Sort of game

Three bags
Of a smaller sort
More portable of course
Than what that red headed mother
Last year stitched to your shoulders
So look inside
To see if she could provide
The same sort of surprise
Every year no less wise

These three balls
Are a hairy sort of fall
Into three more

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