Sunday, January 20, 2008

Perhaps that only perhaps, but never delusionally


When my community
Of religious believers
Provided for me
It had been those of the Earth
Preventing me
Yet that their providence replacement
But police prevented that so see
I worked to prove my case lawfully
For my own place be true in Eternity
Yet then and oh when
Was it my own past behaviour
In nine and a half years of no favour
Which intervened preventatively
In the form of that former acquaintance
From whom none had been protecting me
That in Allah believe
The full account now in me
Must by definition include
The whole of my history
Yet never otherwise has it been
But that those of my past
Lay claims upon owning me
And without attending as need be
Since it was asserted
I might be expected to believe
This here analysis
Is only delusion I perceive
Thus now that it be
Family Law Courts
Using all three forms
Of the ripping off of me
As though to defame my real credibility
Perhaps best that fact never said
Of true identity

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