Monday, July 2, 2007

The copyright agreement as of 30th June 2007

By an Anonymous author
Copyright protected to the ownership of
A.C.N. 123 212 671 PTY LTD
Since such work as a exorcist might
Can not be unnamed in being owned alright
This work has a sharing copyright
With Aborigines of australia true
But this shared copyright
Is shared only with who
Can promise aloud to
Cop it as hard as the author will through
What is depicted here in this poetry
As having been of only the author's
Real life story
A story many might wish to prevent
So if you believe with me
And can prevent in your own world
The worst of consequence
As I have prevented for me
From the events here detailed
Of the world ending yet safely
You can print copies of it and sell these
Only if you get it just right
Without changing any part of
And remembering always
These words might
Take you to hell with me
If anyone could abuse any child by
So do not to blame anybody
And never accept any profit in me
Then this copyright can enable you
To sell copies of this publication
For enough money to pay for one and a half prints of
Within a promise that you
Will spend that money
Upon printing more of these
And giving one third of in Charity
Only in which might these words access the worth of

“Dreaming Haadjmos Dance Time; AManuel,”®
A Game to Play to learn you well.

About A.C.N. 123 212 671 PTY LTD:
We are owned by a set of founding directors whom are among the major characters present in these poems, but whom can only be in full ownership of all that this company owns, after turning thirty;
We are constitutionally minuted to be bound by Shari'ah;
We own: One Trade Mark; One Gold Bracelet; one minute book; copyright on these and other poems and prose; and a good few staplers;
We are lawfully enabled, and are aiming to become, similar to those companiese naming their nature as an “Islamic Investment Company”, for enabling of adherence to australian super-annuation legislation, but in our case as a method of saving in which any returns on investment are only able to be returned as social value rather than a monetary value, through providence of the knowledge as to the effects of Da'way work enabled through interest free “loan” type arrangements banked with us;
We are obliged to provide Da'wah inclusive of teaching of and from Aboriginal australian tradition, and with a focus on the needs of the immediate environment;
We are able to accept donations of the Alms in Islam Muslims are obliged to give, and can only accept such within our own commitments in Allah to adhere to True Law of Shari'ah;
We are obliged to work in enabling other companies to become established within our legal and financial model;
We can be contacted by post at PO Box 6113, Fairfield, QLD 4103.


J. said...

Be one with all of the Ummah of Believers in Him, whether Jew, Christian, or Muslim, or of any other externalised belief identification, when alive in Him we are in Islam, and only those of us whom so recognise are able to manifest that the Ummah is, and that ever at Earth is and was the Ummah one unity of real belief in Allah.

Accept God as the Father, the Divinity of Jesus Christ His Son and the existence and working of the Holy Ghost, before attempting to draw a parallel between Christianity and Islam. The two are complete opposites. I hope you'll see your error and correct it.

Curaezipirid said...

There is no living breathing being whom can deny me my faith in Jesus, and the real apostates are those whom try to deny the Christianity inherent in any other Religion.

Yet of attempting to deny that the Ummah of Muslims include many Christians, is alike to denying the very existance of the modern Christian Churches whose foundations are fully in Islam.

The early Muslims whom founded our empire were those who had secretly sustained faith in Jesus when nobody would believe their will to follow him.

Any Christian who denies Islam only denounces their own belief in Jesus.

This is the Law of Kabbalah.

Curaezipirid said...

I will however choose to believe of the comment by "J", that it is merely the product of having been fed lies about what Islam is, and about what a Muslim believes.

There are many Muslims with many variations upon believing in Islam, easily as many variations as there are of Christian preponderance upon what the truth might be, so let not only the examples that are ill for yourself be what you decide upon.

Find folk whom can present their belief to your own as a positive way of life, no matter what teaching they follow.

Curaezipirid said...

Well I am taking it entirely as a compliment that you are using my own, now already re-edited, words.

But my real truthful acceptance of God, and in full comprehension of the doctrine of Holy Trinity, and in equally full comprehension of exactly why Islam warns us against misconstructions of that doctrine; so thus also equally in full truthful acceptance of Isa, who is Jesus, one and the same person forever; and with the Holy Ghost present in my own presence also; my parallels are perfectly accurate and I need not ever defend my belief to a spammer named j who asserts ill about my real faith.

The error is yours friend j