Saturday, August 25, 2007

Loving Peace was not hating warfare to survive: but in time, order will not deny our peace every made on high

Bee Re- Pea- Sea

Who is she
That lady whose chin
Was too big to begin
As at no shame therein
Of a crocodile grin
Of how many whose peace
Of oceans of grief
Has she falsified this week
And which way did we have it
That here might
Like a man tight
With Iblis tonight
Was taking me
In too many
Pieces of specific
Lost meanings because
Of broken up Dreamings
By sending our future’s eye sight
Into the past for disguise of real birth right
She’s not a bee but a bird
And one of those real who never yet heard
Fell out of the first ice age
Yet finding no landing yet in this late stage
Is not even twice the age
Of those of us young enough
To never have known of her stuff
Yet falsified she imagined
To control her mind so as to have it
And did condition too many into her whim
As though no real woman might manage even which him
Who ever he is she next raked sour
Of all that is holy in Allah’s real hour
As though no real woman might manage
To learn in truth of that mental state
We need all fear such as is her false gate
That tricked the world into needing to keep
Women as girls
Beyond the natural condition of that state
What will be her fate
Yet this time is it a real plate
For I see her the Queen of Sheba might be late
If not eaten alive by Mohammed
Since in his worth is her bind
That she did separate in time
Mujahideen now Australian
From all others of Islam’s origin
And those Australian in Islam
Separated from all other Australian
And what might thus
Become of all of us
When the world will realise
Of the prophet’s will
Is Revelations still Qur’an’s meaning will tell
We are nothing if not in that well
So let her crocodile’s lies
Not put you in her disguise
But find that a snake
Ate her bait
Then woke up Dreaming
She’s a cat in her every meaning
And this my pen
To her mind
Might not be soon only seeming
But truly found to be wise
Since the letter will arrive
By which she finds
Herself to be all lies
Of the feathery bull ant shit kind
Yet the message of this poem
Is far deeper than you might have known
For her blockage thrown
As though a gate open blown
Has caused all Islam Hope
To sponsor American rope
Yet in which
You might find this
Two keys there are
To how to read it
Open your eyes
And when ills are described
Make them visible
Yet never heard still
Make for to remember what we need forget
Without yet one breath spent
And yet
She’s a big night mare’s hill
Of the moon’s sorrow to swallow
For Mohammed’s tomorrow
There at Yirrkala now still
On TV’07 for me
To impart Allah’s will
Let us un-disguise
Be Really Peace-y Pond in we
Be Re-guarding Peace of the Sea
Bee Re-late a Pea I See
How many Pacifics in me
Is none too many to see
She’s stuck tight with to
A moon man whose face I knew
So traced well this to who do
That Mohammed’s words knew
He that receptive only so through

“Peace of the Pacific well found
Ohm Mani Padme HOm
The tale is just begun
Let Hope make it a long one
Faith is certain
Love will rule the weather
Yet for ever a curtain”
In letter is bound when this day after found.

But who are you to me
Said the queen
Believe in me
For I have seen
Came out of her mouth
Yet without
The crocodile unseen
That her cat's lock obscene
Could not lick my snake's breath clean
Of her incriminating whim to
Make all night not to Allah
But for you
As though you too
Her kill did do
That you wanted
Might through me
Be no more her pleasure
While she quietly cried
You want better
As though of hers the pleasure
This is my bet
You all might weather
Better is no less than
Never more pleasure
Than no more sin
Ever could begin

I do not
But forgive
Law abiding
True Law: Kabbalah: Shari'ah way
The word will make her day
Bless Sheba's Queen
My two shoes
She forgave Allah the moon
That men may rejoice herein
Have much gratitude
There is no need that you
Alike as Ants will to do

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