Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Who is who but that Babylon is not in marriage to be her majesty the Queen of Sheba

The Queen of Sheba
You can find
Is who wrongly defined
The money mine
As though a direct exchange
For our Aboriginality
Of the grave
As though every cent
She can not already upon you blame
As though her own death you therein made
Is a cent of debt
The Australian debt of greed spent
Was her witness
To the past
This that will define her
To HallehyouKahballah
Who lands her in her self
For Yolngu to find
What did that the child
Was blamed for its own state
Why the socialists fell
And of black men that tell
Why they couldn't marry me
That Babylon have I become you see
Was not this pen's worth to be
But neither Sheba's Queen's lies in me
Put about while I was sleeping deep
Of the debt I am in
When counted out
In cents and dollars
Be no stranger
To the capitalist make over
If you recognise true
What that debt be through
Of more than forgiving
All who upon me were quibbling
Over what joy has no right
Unless bequeathed unto Allah's might
This story now has future resolution
The Queen of Sheba need no more spread such pollution
As the lies about me in everybody
Since the money song
Been sung and long
Not correct except when strong
Enough to resist her stuff
Will now be permanently corrected
By my marriage to
Who will it be
The black Aborigine
He who fit well to me
The white Aborigine
Who wanted to try for to see
Or a Muslim
Whose marriage offer might prove to be
How Sheba's Queen
Sells out every Aborigine
To our own fortune in me
As it is mine inevitably
To expose what is she
For since it is she
Has accused me
While child still
Unless I marry
She seems to have did
That every paeodphile
Was blaming upon me
In every cent
Any of us might spend
Then had she sold news of
To police whose
Ignorant feat has been
To suppose they knew
While criminals who
Had the key to the truth
Used my key of
The crimes of police
To open only their excuse
That I guess you better
Tune in white to find me
Since the Queen of Sheba's
Words of mine
Within her own black skin
Try to define me
As attainable
If only
You are aligned
In a white Australian mind
With who might to their own strife marry me
That Sheba's Queen's
Relaxs yet obscene
In her self relying
Upon any other among
Australian Aborigines
To clean her reputation
Of wrong consciousness
Of what that is sacred
About every child
To belong to
The land in love
Is wherein
Each child yet abide
While of how I find
Sheba's Queen can recognise
This story of mine
Perhaps she'd rather now
After she has four time prevented but how
That who I marry
A black fellow by now too long tarried
As though I'd take to
That who she would for me
But can not be real in life with me
Of bribes from her unto
His mind
Of more than she would let Him find
He that Aborigine
Who brought Islam to me
That this here pen is me
And all through time will see
Greed in Kabbalah
Is nothing but
The greed of this girl
Who knows
Alone why in Babylon
Did Jesus alone praise the song
That the white Aborigine
Sheba's Queen neither could let marry me
For him her answer has been
To provide for far too young and unclean
That perhaps now the solution she dreaded
Will have to be all that is left for me to mend with
How to eat the ills of the world all up
Can I connect my self
In permanent feigned stealth
To Sheba herself
Since found in her I have
The key to what Islam's Empire had
And of every man's real wealth
That it was the Queen of Sheba
Recognising I am but child in mind
Trying to make me eat more
Of what death can score
Than is my style
Of my supposed ignorance to force
Upon wants of money Dreams not yours
That men fall into her bribes upon me of course
And the fayre of marriage thus
Be of might in Allah's love
And to that Queen
Of Sheba’s past
Let her in on our secret fast
It was not her who did it
That the paedophile is the phantom of ignorance
Of the Australian Dreamtime experience
But no more exists
Thus this
For if I am the sole cause of
Then in innocence is love

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