Thursday, February 14, 2008

Today's Concern With Life

In the past
Our numbers
Began in Arabic language
As real signs
By design
For each had the right number of angles
To pictorially represent numerical value
Yet when numbers are symbols not signs
Then what is the meaning of how much we have spent

One: was alike to how seven is often drawn, with one angle
Two: like a Z with two angles
Three: another angle at the bottom of the 2
Four: keep it joined at the top and don't cross over the line when finishing
Five: like a digital six but where the part which has often been a circle in a six doesn't meet
Six: like a digital six
Seven: with a cross through its leg and a stand under it
Eight: like two triangles joined
Nine: I don't know that one, which is alright since I can count in base nine.

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