Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Windy Corner's

I once mentioned
To a person bent on
Undermining Australians
That our culture depends on
The unravelling certain
Of pride's stations
That reassembling might
Children's clues provide
(that is to say
in my own way
to provide of clues for
children themselves to own of
so beware not to read me wrong)

As to who from we need hide

And so he tried
Bump up our pride
Since his purpose
Was to set up our nation
To take on false blames of
Over exposure of children
But he also did try
Convince us all that why
We need his type
Of pride
Just might
Be a left winger's right
When in fact his own plight
Was neo-nazisms blight
Held down
By Yakuza fashioned
Mental imprisonment rounds

And guess what
He failed to have got
Might my pride not
conceal of too long
That by Juda my song
Did he thus steal of
Not realising of course
That being accountible in pride
Is to become our lies
Thus social pressures conspired
That his fellow criminals decided
(While yakuza rebels his decisions abided)
To vote Labor this time

That perhaps he best not
Continue to rot
In his own pride
Never agreed with inside
Of his own mind
While the rest of us find
What he stole from us
Which could not be of
Sanity we have got
Without the victory applied

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