Friday, April 25, 2008

Counting Time Spent Alone

Another day alone
Another night with nobody to phone
Another year with everybody else's fears to own
Another week for my safety at home
To work for by writing these words out precisely
In meaning quite likely
Not what be seeming
But reality is streaming
To make these words strings exactly
Upon what of me was being denied that
To tell my own truth is all I own yet
But to tell it in full story
No detail left out
Is that I measure by life's precise amount
Of joy in breath and living at best
For the worth of the Earth is that we are yet
In love with the function God grants us to live in
Of breathing for Earth's need to cleanse up the atmosphere
That taking down the worlds worthless dreams and
Replacing with better is what living can mean that
To live is the excitment of every game and
In every song a new find to tame that
We all will this life and
Whatever lives next that
One day in love will we meet up with our best
So mashallah the rest
Of these loniest of days
Is worth life's endurance
For Jesus my praise
That my self in this race
Of human kindness today
Because Aboriginal I am and
Australian because
My heart's will ever of
This country my home
Be my true real bone
Eternally known of
That survival has meaning
Within all the fears
And the worst of these years
Weeks and days and the tears that
Neither need we deny
Or assert the real finding
Of what is the nature of
Our way to be binding
Will no loneliness defeat
The willing retreat
Into reconciling our feet
For the way soon complete
In the endless love of
Living life to its fullest
Will no want be uncounted
No hate be unrouted
No life be needless
Yet never without willingness
To love who creates us
For this will to provide of
What life will my mind low
That even worms sew
To receive of our desires known
Must we give away that exact bone
Thus tonight yet alone

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