Sunday, June 8, 2008

Tricked Reputation

Tricked Reputation

There might be some way
To let the real story fey
Of mr grimes real reputation
He and many conspired to have
Hidden from the court that
Brand naught but who needs of
Is that no shelter can stay
Within his nether reputation
And that this story’s repercussion
Is his own situational problem
While the reality of reputations
In this has tricked a whole nation

Tricked by the hypnosis
Of Rowing on Roe “E’s”
Has been the notion
Of what to do with these
Poems in motion
Don’t you forget
To wreck
The breeze yet
For that which mr grimes blessed
Be not what you bet
Thus through Rohan a tease
Of the story please

Therefore best be blessed
With the slow pokes best on
That she won’t ever forget
Is a nest best
Of the next best
But whatever mr grimes prevents of
Be that not needed of yet upon
Is how his definition
Became at the
Queen’s behest
Of offloading mistakes upon
Australian children
Thus proven
But three son’s my own
Best efforts known
This poem naught before
Those sick heads did cause
That they Queen took of
The Irish Satanists cause
Instead of the true story
For reconciling
With Britain less poorly
In debts owing for me
Whoever my truth be

Is that through this story
The twelfth whoever he is be
Able not poorly
And set up far to surely
By the mr grimes unruly
Reputation mask falling
Upon those “e’s”
Of rowing’s please
Collect the best yet
Among stories on breeze
So long as the behest of
Is the Queen’s
While that being dumped upon
The downtime from
Be what of his fees
For selling this on
Against my reality be

Thus know you not
The story belongs
Not poorly but
Through what show because
Has one only the pull upon
And not me but from

He who will and who has
Married the right girl his own that
This poem might not need be known
For only is it his to own
The worth in its words
Thus scuttled from that your mind heard
Since reality
Is bound by being indebted to he
Whose worth is the work
Of having overcome the difficult sum
Of what mr grimes attempted
Prevent of
But thus failed bar his own gun
Who holds this true best unto me
Has upon the real force of the law within be

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