Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where Best To Fall

From here we are
To near and far
There are
Those who owe
And of whose debts to pay
That we may
One day
As of all owing
Be that north winds are blowing
Then to the east further
Over the seas and rather
Next skipping on over
Whole continents best
To the middle of the story get
Until east again
Then to Europe
Only to find the truth shines
Down south in the dark continent next
Where from the lesson long
Homeward bound now and belong
Easterly all bar in India’s pause
Is the solution quite plainly
Nobody’s patent
Yet of earth’s five elements
Each just as we need it
To pay for that we refused of
Naught but our own self to disabuse with
This tale I’ll never tell
Of whereabouts your next fall is
And take note of this countenance
For within the sort of the best
Will those who have abused of
The methods for God’s love
Find themselves next trip’s intolerances
Through receiving only of criminal fill
And when blaming this if daring to still
That might just find itself
Far too disabled
To sustain human will
That perhaps you’ll all better fare well
Through the exo-skeletal
Those of you who so tell
So remember this well
Not before five all
And well alive fall
Even if somewhat poor

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