Sunday, June 8, 2008

Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought
My mother and father have fought
To be fallen unto naught
But their own game
This the same

Who would have thought
My parents so devious
As to fail to realise
When a child was being honest
Is that I own their shame

Who would have thought
That the reason I own of
The old bones that
Rattled parental thrones is
Because of nobody's fall my own

Who would have thought
Of my failure to fall
Despite one and every and all
Projecting upon me
Desperation to hate thee

Who would have thought
Was my father's own game
To falsify his own fall the same
But then become tricked because
My own false line the better cause

Who would have thought
That to falsify lust one
Had no need to fabricate
Any badly matched fuck since
There were those who wanted to it too bad to know of

Who would have thought
My father was costing
His own falsifications
Of socieities required statuses
Wrongly upon me his daughter longer

Who would have thought
That to falsify lust once
Never had I need to fabricate
For those who tried to bribe my father
Obliged me that grace

Who would have thought
That my mother's blaming
Her daughter so sold to her husband
Were never able to cause of
What she was holding her own costs against

Who would have thought
My own will to never
Let badly matched fucks win
The game of my father's
Would have left me so stranded

Who would have thought
They did their level best to
Impose upon me the reality they sought
But have failed to and rather
Falsified for me my way into the game of my father

Who would have thought
Might have been Dad
But that
His wife imagined to have had him at
Since she fell into the mirk of false reputations staked upon this grace bidden rest

Who would have thought
Mrs. Catherine E. Marker nee Caling
Might have failed the test
Of what upon her at Dad's behest
Was the forgiveness forever request

Who would have thought
That every body in one family
Would manifest such great idiocy
As to fail to see
What protects my children is yet today me

Who would have thought
That those whom have risked all we earn
Are stationed in government positions
And hoping beyond hope
To pove their own joke is their yoke

Who would have thought
That unless there is provided real evidence to court
The solutions being founded will prove ungrounded
And a father's dreams of his wife nevermore blamed
Might prove to be that the whole story is fallen into causing men to fail

Who would have thought
That they all care less for the safety of children
Than to have one fuck more blaming somebody's mother
And when we've all finished proving it ain't my own mum
There was nobody left to safe me for my own children

Who would have thought
The victory done longer by
The children now running too dry
Who realised before now the score be
Best kept close and silent with me

Who would have thought
That the easiest game to play
Be feigning incompetence
While sustaining good conscience
Who would have thought

Who would have thought
That the simple request of a son
To go easy on his mother at that time of the month
Could have been misconstrued into
A fabrication of his mother being the worst kind of monster

Who would have thought
That such innocence being blamed was
No problem for the parents of that same
Uninvolved as they have been
But for the lies between

Who would have thought

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